County Line Referral Group helps us to grow our own businesses through word-of-mouth, and gives us a network of trustworthy professionals to recommend to others.

In a nutshell...


  • County Line Referral Group is a home-grown non-profit corporation unaffiliated with any other organization. 
  • Our members’ trade areas include: Anna, Gunter, Howe, Melissa, Van Alstyne as well as into McKinney, Sherman and surrounding areas. 


  • Only one member company from each business specialty is accepted. 
  • Breakfast meetings are twice monthly. 
  • Annual dues are $125. 

Who benefits from the group?

Any business that wants to increase revenues through word-of-mouth (referrals) can benefit. This includes businesses that sell to consumers as well as those who work primarily with other businesses. We also welcome professional services such as lawyers, financial services, and healthcare businesses.